BBA Acceleration Inventory

There is no shortage of talent and passion to succeed. There is only a shortage of resources and opportunities. To close this gap, we provide opportunities for talented entrepreneurs who qualify for our innovative incubation initiatives. With access to our digital platforms, we nurture, and water these seeds of our future economy. We link them with opportunities they would not ordinarily have access to in the mainstream business  landscape. Once they have sprung enough roots to survive, we teach them how to thrive.

We provide:

  • Critical skills to sustain their business, assist them with
  • Solutions to infrastructure challenges
  • Training
  • Market Linkage
  • Mentorship
  • Critical digital skills to thrive in the digital age

On-demand Service Platform

  • Traditional ways of networking and getting new business are a thing of the past.
  • Black entrepreneurs need a new platform that facilitates interactions, opportunities and growth. High frequency digital interactions are the currency of the digital economy.
  • Users – it is anticipated – will join the platform to interact with other users, and therefore the primary network effect is between the users of the platform. Users will attract users, who attract more users. In that sense, the platform is a one-sided platform for similarly situated Black entrepreneurs.
  • The launch strategy for the BBA Interaction Network is quite well understood. BBA, Inc would develop constituent Black entrepreneurs who may already interact with each other, create a critical mass of interactions on the platform and build up the network effect adding more and more users to the platform.

Service Platform

  • This platform will be designed to deliver end-to-end services fulfilled by a network of independent Black entrepreneurs, micro-enterprises, home based businesses, service providers & contractors.
  • This On-Demand Platform will integrate discovery, order, payment, fulfilment, certification and confirmation of the service under one banner. Price, quality standards and the fulfillment processes will not be set by the platform.
  • Our constituents have substantial skilled services and offerings to provide. Service availability can best be manifested in this economy through the network effect of an On-demand Service.
  • Prototype currently under development.
  • Watch this space to view demo or click here for advance demo viewing or to participate in application user experience testing.